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Friend or Foe: Falling Skies ‘A More Perfect Union’ Recap & Review

By on August 20, 2012

So that's where they keep their plans! Image © TNT

By Jamie Krakover

The Falling Skies finale was upon us this week, and it did not disappoint. Following a tense argument between the general and Manchester, Manchester says the people voted for civil rule, but the general wants war. The general is surprised to find that Tom doesn’t want full-on military style control. Just as Tom is about to be locked up, the perimeter is breached. Luckily, it’s Redeye, Ben and the rebel skitters who have found Charleston. Their timing couldn’t be better. The general has other ideas, and the army aims their weapons at the skitters. When the general refuses to stand down, Tom and the rest of the 2nd Mass stand between the skitters and the guns. We have to admit it’s pretty strange to see skitters walking around in a human territory, but we’re glad to see the 2nd Mass believes in the rebel skitters.

The skitters arrive. Image © TNT

Redeye speaks through Ben to Weaver, the general, and Tom. Redeye explains that the overlord that Weaver and Tom let go was extremely important to the alien invasion. If he is killed, then the invasion in their part of the world will be thrown into chaos because the overlords store all their battle plans inside their heads. At last the aliens have a weakness, and Redeye has a plan. However, the general wants to consider all the information and get back to Redeye. When Redeye and Ben leave, the general explains that he thinks the rebel skitters are a complete crock, and tries to send Tom and Weaver back to their “cages.” Weaver offers the 2nd Mass to carry out this assault with the skitters, but the general remains stubborn and refuses. After much urging, Weaver finally gets the general to agree to let the 2nd Mass join the rebel skitters. But when Tom and Weaver leave, the general has his own plans. He wants every last skitter eradicated. It’s extremely frustrating to see the general making a bad decision that could cost the rebellion.

Hal sets out to find Ben at the rebel skitter camp. He wants to apologize for how crazy things got between them, and Ben is sorry too. It’s good to see the brothers getting along again. Ben says he’s found the place where he belongs with the skitters, but Hal says he belongs with his family, and that they need him. Unfortunately the world doesn’t quite work like that anymore. Kids are being changed by the harnesses, and they feel that they fit in more with the skitters and other harnessed kids. Before parting ways, the brothers hug and tell each other to be careful. Hopefully this isn’t some foreshadowing. We’d like to see both brothers make it out of this.

Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel) and Anne (Moon Bloodgood) Image © TNT

Lourdes and Anne are talking in the hospital when Anne gets sick. Anne, surprisingly, is pregnant, but she hasn’t told Tom and refuses to until after his mission. She’s probably right to keep this from Tom, but what if he doesn’t return? Meanwhile Tom and Manchester talk about the pros and cons of military rule. Manchester says military rule has serious risks, but Tom believes they can’t just hide their heads in the sand. Tom definitely has the right idea. Before Manchester can agree or disagree, a bloodied Ben bursts in and says their camp has been attacked. Apparently Charleston’s army carried out the mission and things are about to hit the fan.

When they get to the skitter camp, most of the skitters and harnessed kids are dead. Redeye and a few others escaped and Ben has no idea who attacked in the dark. Tom is angry that Ben was at risk, but the general says what’s done is done. He has a cavalier attitude about the whole thing, and says the mission with the rebel skitters is canceled. But Weaver and Tom won’t take no for an answer, and say they are going on the mission with or without the general’s permission. It’s good to see Tom and Weaver taking a stand. The 2nd Mass suits up to head out and Weaver’s daughter wants to come too. Weaver, however, can’t bear the idea of losing her, and his daughter feels the same about him. Weaver wants his daughter to stay behind and be the strong person she’s become, and she eventually agrees. Tector has also rejoined the berserkers, giving up his formal uniform. Even Matt wants to come, but Tom says he should stay behind and keep an eye on Lourdes. Anne jumps in the truck beside Tom and the 2nd Mass is off.

Tom and Anne navigate some tight tunnels on their way to carry out the mission. Maggie follows Hal through and thinks it’s a good place for crawlies. Our skin is crawling just thinking about it. (Yuck!) When they get close, Ben can sense the overlord’s presence, and Tom says they will take him down together. It’s nice to see the family finding something to bond over again, even if it’s just a common enemy. The 2nd Mass moves into the alien ship. It’s extremely eerie inside and surprisingly quiet. Weaver gets the troops to start laying out C-4 while Ben, Hal, Maggie, and Tom head for the overlord. Before they get too far, Ben’s spikes light up and the skitters attack. Chaos erupts and some of the 2nd Mass fall while others are held down by the skitters. Tom points his gun and Karen appears, leaving the 2nd Mass in big trouble. What could Karen possibly want now?

Everyone is tied up while Karen tries to reason with Tom. Ben warns Tom she’s up to no good, but Karen shuts him up quickly with some weird rope-like things that she controls with her mind. Creepy! Things are not looking good when the overlord appears. Karen and her overlord want to know how the 2nd Mass learned about their facility. She begins with torturing Tom, then upsets Maggie by kissing Hal,  and finally turns the pain on Weaver. Karen seems to know all the right buttons to push, and it’s extremely unnerving. When Karen moves to torture Anne, she pauses to tell Tom that Anne is pregnant. Before Karen can torture Anne, Tom agrees to tell them everything, most likely out of fear for Anne and his child getting hurt. But that’s all he gets out because Redeye and the rebel skitters have arrived, and they charge the baddies in one of the coolest fight scenes on Falling Skies to date. Tom takes out the overlord, but unfortunately Redeye is dying. Before Redeye passes, he gives some instructions to Ben … but what is he saying to him? Is he telling him Ben is now in command? Unfortunately Karen takes off, saying this isn’t the end of things. Where is she headed now that she has no overlord master? Hopefully not to cause more problems.

Dai (Peter Shinkoda) Image © TNT

The 2nd Mass returns with their dead and wounded, but their mission is accomplished. Charleston cheers and finally the general recognizes them for their efforts. About time! Ben and Matt have a happy reunion, and Ben shockingly offers to stay in Charleston with his family. Unfortunately, the 2nd Mass is going to have some mourning to do. Among the dead is Dai, and poor Hal is not waking up. What did Karen do to him? Alone in a hospital room, Hal finally wakes. As he peers into the mirror we see he has a nasty little crawler in his eye that moves to his ear, and his appearance mysteriously morphs a few times before returning back to normal. Poor Hal! Hopefully he hasn’t been turned into an alien agent! It looks as if Hal will be the untrustworthy Mason son next season.

Manchester and Tom have another heart to heart. Tom agrees to stick around until Hal wakes up, but after that he and Weaver agree Charleston is not the place for the 2nd Mass. The sooner they leave the better. When Tom lets Weaver know that Manchester isn’t happy about their decision to leave, the ground starts to shake. Charleston heads outside and a mysterious ship lands with a creepy looking new kind of alien inside. Is this new alien friend or foe?

And with that, the second season of Falling Skies draws to an epic conclusion. What’s next for the 2nd Mass when they leave Charleston? Do they have a new enemy or some new help? What do you think the 2013 season of Falling Skies will bring? Suit up, grab your C-4, and let’s talk Falling Skies.

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