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Fringe Fans May Find Their Weekly Dose of Strange In ABC’s “Weird Desk”

By on December 6, 2012

Per Deadline today, ABC has given a green light to 13 episodes of new paranormal investigation series ‘Weird Desk,’ scheduled to air summer 2013.

The show, from creators Carl Binder (Stargate) and David Titcher (The Librarian), centers on the workings of ‘a clandestine organization rumored to be named “Weird Desk.” Working above the levels of top secret and above the office of the President, the unit is the destination for mysterious intelligence rerouted from the CIA and NSA. Tasked with investigating and solving occurrences of the paranormal, supernatural and sometimes extra-terrestrial, “Weird Desk” is led by Morgan, an obstinate, socially inept and brilliant man who would now be dead if it weren’t for his special forces trained partner, Rosetta.’

UFOs, supernatural and paranormal investigation and an odd-couple partnership? Fans lamenting the end of FOX’s long running Fringe may have reason to tune in to this one for their weekly dose of weird.

More as we have it.

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