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Gaining the Upper Hand: Falling Skies ‘Molon Labe’ Recap and Review

By on July 23, 2012

By Jamie Krakover

Falling Skies continues this week with the action packed ‘Molon Labe.’ This episode is full of new elements and surprises, opening right where we left off last week, with Ben and Karen in the woods. Ben is explaining to Karen how he learned about the harnessed skitters, but something about their exchange doesn’t quite feel right and the first chance Karen gets, she betrays Ben by telling the aliens that he has been in contact with the rebel skitter leader. In a tense moment she turns creepy as she tries to reharness Ben, saying they will do great things together. We knew she wasn’t trustworthy! Just when all hope seems lost, the 2nd Mass fires on the harness, succeeds in getting the Mechs to stand down, and takes a two legged alien overlord as prisoner. The balance seems to be tipping, at last.

Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel), Anne (Moon Bloodgood) and Matt (Maxim Knight) Image © TNT

Back at the hospital, Anne is corralling the injured Maggie and Weaver  – which is no easy task. Jamil is working on getting everything fueled up so the group can move out. Matt is insistent that Tom and the others will return with Ben, and Weaver agrees, asking Matt to return to security detail. Slowly Matt is becoming a fighting member of the 2nd Mass and is proving himself to be a great asset. When Tom returns with the alien prisoner, Weaver gets angry, saying that wasn’t part of the plan, but Tom seems pleased and thinks that they should take the alien to Charleston. While this seems to be a huge turn of events and a leg up for the 2nd Mass, the aliens could bring the war to them, because the overlord appears to be an important member of the alien community. Proving this true, the Mechs show up and promptly open fire.

When they temporarily scare off the Mechs with an explosion, Weaver and Tom have a very serious talk about Ben. Weaver thinks Ben has brought a lot of the alien fight down on the 2nd Mass, but Tom refuses to abandon his son. This is a tough call because both sides have valid points. Interrupting their heated discussion, Karen returns under a white flag “acting under her own free will.” She insists that Tom set her master free, or things will get a lot worse for everyone since she has them surrounded. As bad as things can get, turning over Karen’s master sounds like a bad idea.

Tector and his gang have other plans. They want to go spy on the aliens and see if there is a way to get around them. Weaver sends Jamil into the tunnels to find another way out of the hospital. Sounds like the 2nd Mass has other options and is working on plan B. Despite the dire situation they aren’t giving up yet. But Lourdes, Anne, and Matt stumble upon an injured and frightened Jamil who refuses to let them open the door to the tunnels. It seems like there’s something dark and scary hiding behind it.

Ben feels bad for bringing the aliens down on the 2nd Mass and apologizes to Hal. Hal for once avoids a fight and says it’s not his fault but Ben still wants to leave. Tom gets angry and won’t allow Ben to go. In a tense argument, Ben says he should be able to fight and make his own choices but Tom disagrees because he’s his son and they need him to tell Charleston about the skitter rebellion. Hopefully Ben sticks around to help. Despite the threat he poses, he has a lot to offer the 2nd Mass and humanity.

Sarah Carter as Maggie and Drew Roy as Hal. Image © TNT

Hal and Maggie investigate another tunnel and discuss Karen on the way. Hal says he no longer has feelings for Karen but it’s obvious he still cares. Luckily Maggie knows how to get her man and plants a kiss on him, saying she changed her mind about Hal not being the right guy for her. We’re glad she finally admitted it to herself. When Hal gets the access door open it’s crawling with baby skitters. Anne, Lourdes, and Matt find a similar situation when Matt notices some small holes that weren’t there before. Matt is a very observant kid. Immediately following the discovery of the holes, little crawling creatures start erupting from Jamil in the most disgusting and disturbing scene of the evening. Totally squirm worthy! Anne pulls Lourdes away and they retreat to the blood lab. Matt leaves his gun and crawls through a vent to get help. Go Matt! He’s proving himself more and more every episode. Anne finally does something useful by snapping Lourdes out of her shocked state and trying to find a way to fend off the tiny skittering aliens. At the other end of the vent Tom, Ben and Pope find Matt. They move in to rescue Lourdes and Anne who are fighting their way out with a flaming oxygen tank. Roasted baby skitter anyone?

Outside Karen is still trying to negotiate with Captain Weaver. We don’t trust her as far as we can throw her. She brings out one of the captured 2nd Mass soldiers and as Karen sends him back, a Mech fires on him. The aliens are showing no mercy, and the scene really upsets Tector. After all the death Tom is fired up as well. In a heated exchanged, he threatens the fish-headed alien who talks through Ben. The alien says once their task is completed they will leave. Tom wants to know what they are up to (as do the viewers), but the alien conveniently skirts the issue. Tom refuses to give in to the alien who forces Ben into a seizure, proving a point about human sentiment being a useful tool. Too bad the alien underestimated the power of human strength; Tom fires at the two legged alien, causing it to release its hold on his son. Weaver however is angry and says that they can’t let their emotions get the best of them. (Funny that Weaver brings up emotions after Tom’s encounter with the alien overlord.) Weaver and Tom discuss the skitter rebellion, which Tom now buys into, given the outcome of recent events. Weaver is still skeptical.

Ben (Connor Jessup). Image © TNT

Hal escorts Karen to her  master. This encounter is not nearly as nice as their reunion. She tries to bait Hal with all the fantastic things she’s learned since being harnessed. Hal however thinks she’s twisted, and the Karen he loved died a long time ago. We couldn’t agree more and are glad Hal is finally seeing the truth! When she discovers what they’ve done to her master the tensions mount. But Tom and Hal stick her with an ultimatum. She can still save her master, but she has to cooperate and let them leave; otherwise they will blow up her and her overlord. Looks like the 2nd Mass finally learned how to gain the upper hand! After their discussion they are able to move out, unhindered by the aliens. Weaver says this is the final push, and they are going to keep moving the full five hundred miles until they reach Charleston because they now have enough food and supplies to make it. Spirits seem up with the exception of Lourdes, who is harboring some serious depression surrounding Jamil’s death.

In the woods, Ben tries to take off, but Tom stops him, angry that he wasn’t even going to say goodbye. Ben wants to help the other harnessed kids and during his connection to the overlord he saw what the aliens were really about. In a tearful goodbye, Tom finally agrees to let Ben go as he promises that he will see him again. As hard as it is to watch Ben leave, we hope he is off to drum up some support from the skitter rebellion so that he can return to the 2nd Mass at the most opportune time.

So there you have it, Falling Skies fans: another dynamic episode, with a tearful goodbye. What did you think of the 2nd Mass sticking it to the aliens? Are you worried about Ben leaving? And what do you think the gang will find on the road to Charleston? Let’s talk Falling Skies.

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