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Harvey is Handed His Hat in this Sneak Peek From Suits “Normandy”

By on February 14, 2013

Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson, Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter -- (Photo by: Shane Mahood/USA Network)

Dana “Scottie” Scott (guest star Abigail Parsons) is back to complicate Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Jessica’s (Gina Torres) battle against Hardman in tonight’s Suits.

But this time, she’s brought the full force of her British firm. Is she entitled to pick and choose which clients to poach from Pearson Hardman?

Scottie certainly seems to think so, regardless (or perhaps because of) her past relationship with Harvey.

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See how an unsuspecting Harvey is taken by surprise in this sneak peek from tonight’s “Normandy” below.

“Normandy” guest stars Abigail Spencer, Rachel Harris, David Costabile and Amanda Schull and airs tonight February 14th on USA.

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