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HD Promo Trailer & First Details on True Blood Episode 5.03 ‘Whatever I am, You Made me’

By on June 18, 2012

True Blood Logo © HBO. All rights reserved.

True Blood’s third episode of the new season, entitled ‘Whatever I am, You Made Me’ sees Bill and Eric bartering for their lives with Roman, the head of the Authority. Meanwhile Jason reunites with his old high school teacher and Sookie takes on a dangerous search for Tara.

‘Whatever I am, You Made Me’ was written by Raelle Tucker and directed by David Petrarca, and airs on HBO, Sunday 9/8c on HBO.


One Comment

  1. brianhen

    June 18, 2012 at 12:44 pm

    I like True Blood for the humor, the setting and yes, most of all, Alexander Skarsgard. But all the performances are good and the tongue in cheek violence is even pretty silly/funny. LOVE Lafayette, but could never tolerate Tara. She was so chip on her shoulder, humorless, angry and intolerant, she just sucked the funny side and the fun right out of the room. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, makes that person happy in any way. Even when she does a good thing it’s with anger and venom. Just do not like that character and now she’ll be in it way too much. I was so hoping she was finally good and dead. Very disappointing. And if anything, now she’s even MORE spiteful and angry, who knew it was possible? On the plus side, Meloni was interesting, the Authority was always kind of murky and hard to visualize. The psedo religious stuff was kind of off putting, but besides that it is an interesting plot. Always love Pam, she is so good, and seeing that little flash of her history with Eric was tantalizing. Seeing Skarsgard in that costume was even more so! He must be seven feet tall in that hat. Best line of the night to Eric “You’re taller than I thought.” “I get that a lot”. LOLOL! Thanks for this update. On a completely cheesy note, bring back the blond, Alex! I miss his blond hair. Don’t care for the auburn look on him, he’s a swede, blond is good on Swedes! (Not that he could look bad)

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