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Hearts Are Hardened in These 2 Sneak Peeks At The Walking Dead’s “This Sorrowful Life”

By on March 18, 2013

Michael Rooker as Merle. Image © AMC

The Walking Dead’s “This Sorrowful Life” sees Rick and the group faced with a serious problem. If they want a truce with the Governor, they will have to make a huge sacrifice – in the form of Michonne (Danai Gurira).

However Michonne isn’t the only person causing problems for the group, as this first sneak peek from next Sunday’s episode teases.

Merle (Michael Rooker) feels that the gang see him as some sort of devil. Not too surprising, after he beat and tied Glenn (Steven Yeun) to a chair and let a walker loose on him. However, Daryl is determined that his older brother should fit in, and asks Glenn to forgive and forget. But Glenn’s ordeal at the governor’s hands has hardened his heart – especially where Maggie (Lauren Cohan) is concerned, and it may take a whole lot more than ‘sorry’ for him to come to accept Merle as part of the group.

Meanwhile, Merle explains to Rick (Andrew Lincoln) what the Governor will do with his captive if given the opportunity, and is surprised by ‘Officer Friendly’s’ emotionless response.

Catch both sneak peeks, followed by the latest promo trailer for “This Sorrowful Life” below, and catch the episode Sunday March 24 on AMC.

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