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Hell on Wheels Episode 1.09 ‘Timshel’ Details & Sneak Peek

By on January 2, 2012

In the aftermath of the events of ‘Derailed’ Elam comes to Durant’s attention as a man who is willing to work off the books. Meanwhile, the looming railroad deadline throws Cullen and Lily together and Joseph must learn to live with the outcome of last week’s violence.

The oblique episode title ‘timshel’ is derived from the Hebrew word ‘timshol’, meaning “you will rule” and is a theme from John Steinbeck’s famous novel East of Eden. The reference centers on the idea that we are not predestined, and are essentially free to choose between good and evil.

“Thou mayest” may make the choice to live a good life.

Timshel airs on Sunday January 8th on AMC.

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