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In Woodbury Gardening Is Everyone’s Number One Priority

By on October 30, 2012

David Morrissey as the man with no name ... and a lot of fish tanks.

In The Walking Dead’s ‘Walk With Me’ we were finally introduced to David Morrissey’s Governor – a man who promises to keep Woodbury citizens safe, never reveal his name (maybe it’s because it’s Margery?) and one day reclaim the world. Ok, we’re not so sure about that last one either.

After a fatal helicopter incident which attracts Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Andrea (Laurie Holden), but also the Governor’s men, to the smoking wreckage, both women are ‘captured’ and taken to Woodbury, where Andrea is treated for her illness and Michonne is relieved of her weapons.

Woodbury is, by all appearances, the last remaining vestige of human civility (if we don’t count Rick and the gang in their new but less glamorous prison digs). This fact is illustrated by the large number of people carrying out non basic survival tasks – such as raking leaves, watering their flowers and transporting adorable mini potted plants from one place to another. In fact, Woodbury is a veritable hive of horticultural activity – which leaves the Governor (Marian, perhaps?) very little time to answer questions like ‘Where did you get all these weapons from?‘, ‘Is your name Nigel?‘ and ‘You do realize that all attempts to get your top scientist to tame a zombie will end in screams, don’t you?

Andrea (Laurie Holden), Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Rowan (Lindsay Abernathy)

Is the Governor (Maurice?) a bad man? The comic book character was certainly a sadistic and brutal version, but David Morrissey’s incarnation seems tamer by comparison. He is able to justify his horrible actions, and we find ourselves in accord with many of his decisions. Sure, he took Michonne and Andrea’s weapons away – but then so did Hershel at the farm. Yes, he stabbed several people in the head with a blunt instrument, but that was to make sure they didn’t come back as zombies, and yes, he murdered a group of survivors in order to steal their provisions and vehicles so that his community would remain strong. (I had misgivings about how a group of well armed soldiers might adjust to the Governor’s authority if they had been welcomed into Woodbury anyway.)

I was actually kind of relieved to see his collection of severed zombie heads in fish tanks at the episode’s end because it’s the one discernible ‘touch of madness’ characteristic he shares with his comic book counterpart. We’re going to need to see a little more of this in coming episodes if we are to truly feel the Governor is someone to be reckoned with, but in all honesty, Rick is looking more and more the dangerous option these days.

The Walking Dead returns next Sunday November 4, with far less gardening, on AMC.

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