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John Noble Talks Season 2 Return & More Sleepy Hollow Casting News

By on November 4, 2013

John Noble in Sleepy Hollow. Co. CR: Brownie Harris/FOX

John Noble, who kicks off a recurring role on FOX’s supernatural drama Sleepy Hollow tonight, is set to make a return to the show next season.

The news came during a call with ScreenSpy and assembled press late last week, with Fringe alum Noble commenting that his story arc and “a terrific script,” were the reasons he would be back for more next season. “[Sleepy Hollow] is the stuff I love doing,” said Noble.

“These writers know me,” he added, referencing show creators Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. “I guess that’s why they rang and asked if I would do it.”

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Hesitant to give spoilers, Noble did tease us with the following: “The episode is called ‘The Sin Eater’ and that it introduces this character of Henry Parrish who seems to be a reluctant sort of saviour, but he has the ability to in a sense remove evil from a person. So I’ll tease you that much, but even though he doesn’t want to he’s called in to basically save Ichabod’s life. So that’s his first introduction and we establish that there is some sort of chemistry between him and Ichabod.”

Noble went on to praise the cast and crew saying, “The whole experience with the company was good. Tom [Mison] in particular. He’s a beautiful man and also a fantastic actor. We had some common ground in that we both come from a theatre background, which allowed us to talk about a whole series of issues. But really it was the connection that we had on set that is special and when it happens its terrific, which is what Tom is referring to in his interviews I would imagine.”

In other recent casting news, (it’s been a busy week for Sleepy Hollow), it was also recently announced that Good Wife regular David Fonteno will guest in episodes 9 and 10 as Reverend Boland, a Catholic priest living in Manhattan who, in the past, has been an advisor to Orlando Jones’ Captain Frank Irving.

The casting news comes following a recent announcement that Irving’s family life will soon be fleshed out with the addition of an  ex wife and daughter.

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