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Double Identity: Steven Pasquale Previews NBC’s “Do No Harm”

By on January 31, 2013

Steven Pasquale as Dr. Jason Cole/Ian Price -- (Photo by: Matthias Clamer/NBC)

Premiering on NBC tonight at 10 pm is Do No Harm, a stylish 21st Century take on the Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde story. (Just imagine Hyde being able to leave video and text messages for Jekyll to see the potential here.)

Steven Pasquale stars as Jason Cole, a bright and talented surgeon who also happens to have a dark and sociopathic alter-ego, Ian Price, hell bent on ruining his life.

Every night at precisely 8:25 pm Jason Cole transforms from the caring and conscientious doctor his patients and co-workers think they know to the devilish Ian.

Without any control over this new persona, Jason must wait until 8:25 am to discover what hell Price has wrought in his life.

Jason’s solution? To sedate Price with a heady cocktail of drugs every night before the change. And for some time, the plan works, allowing Jason to lead half a normal life. However, Jason wakes one morning in a compromising position and realizes that Price has not only become immune, but is also intent on revenge.

We had the opportunity yesterday to speak with Do No Harm star Steven Pasquale about the complex relationship between Ian Price and Jason Cole and also to preview what’s coming down the line in terms of story this season.

Screen Spy: Do you have a favorite when it comes to playing Jason or Ian?

Steven Pasquale: I prefer Ian, as Jason has all that tough medical jargon, and Ian does not. So for that reason alone I tend to lean a little bit more towards Ian.

SS: Are we going to find out what caused Jason’s personality to split in the first place? Was it a cataclysmic event from his past or a gradual evolution?

SP: You absolutely will. Deep into season one all will be revealed in terms of the mythology, and where this condition came from and why. And you’ll even find out why the numbers 825 are important.

SS: I’m seeing those numbers popping up all over social media. Everyone is talking about them.

SP: I can’t tell you any more on that because the cat will be out of the bag. [Laughing] But I can say that about three quarters of the way through season one, you’ll really start to put it all together.

SS: One of the more surprising and for me, enjoyable, aspects of the show is the way in which Jason and Ian have an ongoing dialogue with each other. And not only do they use all their resources trying to outsmart and out-maneuver the other, but they occasionally end up helping each other out when their agendas are similar. Is this as much fun to play as it is to watch?

SP: Absolutely! Completely. You know this device we use where Ian and Jason leave each other video messages?

SS: I loved that.

SP: That’s great fun. It’s me leaving a message for me. [laughing]. But ultimately in the moment, it really does feel like two different people. The way we’ve set it up works. I think that element is one of the things that drew me to it in the first place.

SS: Is the show going to continue to serve up a weekly slice of medical drama?

SP: For the most part. Maybe not every week but generally speaking there will be a medical case that goes along with every episode, and oftentimes having a lot to do with Jason’s struggle to find out what he can do about Ian. But occasionally we get away from that, particularly when we get into some stuff that involves being outside of the hospital.

SS: Jason seems to have a lot to lose when we meet him first including his career and his relationship with Doctor Solis (Alana De La Garza), but Ian on the other hand seems to be a character who pretty much burns his bridges as he goes.

SP: Yeah. Jason’s life is a high-stakes drama and Ian’s life is a party without any consequences. They approach things so completely differently.

SS:With Ian having so much on Jason, is Jason going to be able to find something that Ian really cares about that he can use as leverage against him?

SP: Oh yeah! That’s absolutely 100% coming! Check it out about four or five episodes in.

SS: I’m thinking about Olivia and her son Cole.

SP: We’re going to learn more about that. That story is so so important, not just in terms of Jason’s back story but Ian’s story as well.

Do No Harm premieres Thursday, January 31 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

Editor’s Note: Do No Harm is currently airing remaining episodes Saturdays at 10/9c on NBC from Saturday June 29th.

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