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Jane Finds Herself Working With a Familiar Face in Drop Dead Diva’s “The Real Jane”

By on June 24, 2013

Brooke Elliott as Jane Bingum. Image © Lifetime Photo by Annette Brown

If like us, you’re still adjusting to those final moments of Drop Dead Diva’s season premiere “Back from the Dead” in which the real Jane Bingum made an unexpected return, then stay tuned because next week’s episode “The Real Jane” sees more Jane/Deb action – and this one’s definitely not a dream sequence.

Airing Sunday, June 30, the episode finds Jane working side by side with Real Jane – who is now in the body of a model named Brittney.

Forced to work together, they must defend a former client of Real Jane’s, who is now on death row for the murder of a former classmate. If anything can bring these bickering ladies together then this case might just be it.

Meanwhile, Grayson and Kim (who begins to struggle with Parker’s absence) take on the case of a “mild mannered father and mattress salesman,” Cyd Pinar, who believes he is wrongfully terminated for dressing in drag.

“The Real Jane” guest stars Natalie Hall (Brittney), Lee Tergeson (Cyd Pinar), George Kaiser (Matthew Thomas), Frances Mitchell (Janice Rivlin), Nick Gomez (Scott Moore), Jeff Rose (Doug Resnick), Mark Withers (Attorney General), Gregalan Williams (Judge Warren Libby) and ais Sunday June 30th at 9:00-10:00PM (ET) on Lifetime.

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