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Latest Walking Dead Season 3 Images Show Cast Looking More Fearsome Than the Zombies

By on July 2, 2012

Image Credit: Gene Page/AMC

When we last saw Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the gang they were searching for a new safe haven following the bloodbath at Hershel’s farm. As the camera panned away from the angry little group taking shelter by the side of a road, a large prison was revealed, looming rather ominously in the distance. Now, thanks to Entertainment Weekly, first images from the prison have made their way online, featuring Maggie (Lauren Cohen) delivering a brutal machete swipe to a walker, and a second shot of the survivors assuming a defensive position as they are surrounded by dead prison inmates. Our money’s on Rick and co.

The Walking Dead Cast Tease New Characters, Blossoming Love and Bloodbaths

The Walking Dead returns for a third season in October.

Image Credit: Gene Page/AMC


Image Credit: Gene Page/AMC


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