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New Fringe Promo Hints at How Show Might End

By on January 8, 2013

The Child Observer. Image © FOX

Fringe wraps up on Friday January 18th with a two hour season finale featuring the episodes “Liberty” and “An Enemy of Fate.”

Loyal fans tuning in to the truncated fifth and final season have been wondering just how the show will conclude with so many crucial plot points dangling – Donald and September’s role in events, the Child Observer, the remaining video tapes buried in amber in Walter’s lab, Peter and Olivia’s heartbreak over Etta’s death and of course, Walter’s great but crucially forgotten master plan.

However, a new promo trailer unveiled by FOX earlier today hints at how the series will bow out. In a key clip Olivia (Anna Torv) informs Peter (Josh Jackson) that the plan is going to rewind time.

As obsessed with “ending their existence” as Windmark is, he may not be able to complete his plans to terraform Earth if Walter successfully eradicates his timeline. There is also the hope among some that an erasing of recent events may reunite Peter and Olivia with their child.

Get out your hankies!

Fringe continues this Friday January 11th with “The Boy Must Live.”

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