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Once Upon a Time Episode 1.20 ‘The Stranger’ Promo Trailer

By on April 23, 2012

Josh Dallas and Lana Parrilla in Once Upon a Time. Image by Jack Rowland/ABC.

With only three episodes remaining before the season finale, things are heating up for Emma in Storybrooke.

In ‘The Stranger’ August tells Emma how to beat Regina and how she can get custody of Henry, while Regina hatches a plot to seduce David now that Mary Margaret is back at work. In the fairy-tale world, a plan to save Snow White and Prince Charming’s daughter unfolds and is agreed to by Geppetto, who has his own child’s safety in mind.

Once Upon a Time ‘The Stranger’ Promotional Pictures

Catch Once Upon a Time Sunday April 29 on the ABC Television Network.

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