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5 Once Upon a Time “The Evil Queen” Sneak Peeks: Regina Aspires to Hero Status, Snow & Emma’s Dilemmas & More

By on April 25, 2013

Colin O'Donnoghue as Hook. Image © ABC

Just about everyone is facing a dilemma on this week’s Once Upon a Time.

Armed with the knowledge that the townsfolk have been growing magic beans in an effort to return to the Fairytale land that was, Regina (Lana Parrilla) is determined not to be separated from Henry (Jared Gilmore). Her plan? To thwart Snow and Charming’s plan for a return journey by ensuring both she and Henry get there ahead of the others.

In a new environment, Regina feels a do-over will give her the opportunity to ‘be the hero’ and regain Henry’s trust and love. The only snag is that Henry must help her put her plan into action. Oh and everyone in Storybrooke will die. (We’re not so sure about that last part either.) However, the mass murder of an entire community is not something new to Regina, as evidenced in the fourth sneak peek below. Regina! How could you!

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Meanwhile, Emma’s (Jennifer Morrison) suspicions of Tamara continue to grow. Why does Tamara want a list of all the townspeople and their fairytale names? Sure that Tamara has some ulterior motives for being in Storybrooke, she confides in Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) who remains convinced of Tamara’s inherent innocence and advises Emma not to voice her concerns until she’s really sure. Because that worked out so well in the past for you, Snow.

Elsewhere, Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) will learn that he is not living out his happy ending after all, and the object of his hatred (Rumpelstiltskin) is alive and well. Perhaps now would be a good time to partner up with a couple of other people who have an equally massive grudge against The Dark One. Two people who claim to be able to “Kill magical creatures” perhaps?

And finally, Charming (Josh Dallas) and Mary Margaret ponder Regina’s fate if and when the Storybrooke residents should return to their former home. Can Regina be trusted to come and live among them, or will she return to her former ways? (Do we really need to answer this one?)

Catch Once Upon a Time’s “The Evil Queen” Sunday April 28 on ABC.


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