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Pretty Little Liars Winter Premiere Sneak Peeks “Who’s in the Box?”

By on December 16, 2013


Following an all day Marathon, Pretty Little Liars will air its first episode of the new year this Jan. 7.

Kicking things off with “Who’s in the Box?” the Liars question their previous beliefs concerning Alison’s demise.

But if Alison is really alive, then who’s buried in her grave?

As the girls search, Emily has trouble dealing with how she feels about Alison being alive.

In the 3 following new sneak peek clips below, Mona invites Hanna for a ride in her new Mustang. (It’s not as if Jenna needs it, right?). However Mona doesn’t take it well when Hanna tries to brush her off instead.

Meanwhile, Spencer is reunited with Toby and the Liars consider reaching out to Ali’s brother Jason, but is it too dangerous?

Pretty Little Liars fans can catch the marathon on Tuesday Jan. 7 from 12:00 – 7 PM ET/PT, followed by the Winter Premiere “Who’s in the Box” from 8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT.



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