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Reese and Fusco in Lockup? First Look Images & Clip From Person of Interest’s “Aletheia”

By on January 3, 2014

Pictured left to right: Jim Caviezel and Kevin Chapman Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS

When we last saw Reese and Fusco they were rolling in the mud outside a seedy bar in the middle of Nowheresville.

Now, in these first look images and new sneak peek from Person of Interest’s “Aletheia” episode, it seems these two uneasy allies are sharing a cell.

Fusco (Kevin Chapman) may have been sincere in his attempt to beat some sense into Reese (Jim Caviezel) last episode, but we get the feeling Finch’s brokenhearted number one may need more than a backstreet brawl in order to feel reconnected to the Machine, Finch and the mission.

Person of Interest returns Tuesday January 7 with “Aletheia,” the conclusion to the show’s winter finale, which saw Finch (Michael Emerson) and Shaw (Sarah Shahi) struggling to protect a dying (guest star Saul Rubinek) man from those who want his secrets kept buried.

Longtime fans were also rewarded with a giant leap in the series’ story arc with the revelation that there is another machine out there which may prove to be a considerable threat to Finch’s creation.

Are you excited to see where this storyline goes?

Check out the images and clip from Tuesday’s episode below, and catch “Aletheia” January 7 on CBS.


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