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Reese’s Next POI is Already Dead in Person of Interest “In Extremis” (Photos & Promo Trailer)

By on April 19, 2013
Jim Caviezel as Reese. Image © CBS

Jim Caviezel as Reese. Image © CBS

Reese and Finch find themselves in an awkward position when their next POI turns out to be dead. Sort of.

When the Machine delivers the number of a luminary in the world of medicine, Reese can’t get to him before he is poisoned with a deadly and unknown toxin. Knowing his current case will die within twenty four hours, he encourages the dying man to work with him to find his killers.

Meanwhile, Fusco is in an awkward situation of his own when an informant gives the Internal Affairs Bureau crucial information they need to send him to prison.

Person of Interest’s “In Extremis” airs Thursday April 25 on CBS.