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Regina Needs Emma’s Help in Once Upon A Time’s ‘The Cricket Game’

By on December 17, 2012

Ginnifer Goodwin as Mary Margaret in Once Upon a Time. Photo by Kharen Hill. © ABC.

First details from Once Upon a Time’s much anticipated next episode ‘The Cricket Game’ have made their way online. Although we are still waiting on that all important press release from ABC, we can tell you that the tenth episode, airing Sunday January 6th, will see Regina in an uncomfortable position when she finds herself accused of murdering a beloved fairytale character. So far so just desserts. The catch is that Emma thinks she is innocent and faces an uphill battle convincing the Storybrooke townsfolk of this fact.

Meanwhile in a parallel storyline centered in the fairytale land that was (or flashbackville to you and me) Charming and Snow prepare for the Evil Queen’s execution.

Stay tuned for a more detailed episode description and images from this and other Once Upon a Time episodes.

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