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Revenge Episode 1.13 ‘Commitment’ 3 New Sneak Peeks

By on January 16, 2012

Image © ABC

In the run up to what might prove to be Revenge‘s most explosive episode yet, ABC has released 4 sneak peeks ahead of Wednesday’s Commitment.

Check out Daniel’s rain-soaked romantic proposal (dreamy sigh), Conrad’s disappointing news (although things may be looking up for Declan), Victoria’s icy meeting with Fauxmanda, and more below.

The Proposal


Conrad Gives Charlotte Some Bad News


Victoria is So Right & So Wrong About Fauxmanda

One Comment

  1. Norma

    January 19, 2012 at 5:22 am

    Well, I guess the idea of subtlety has flown out the window. Episode 13 has definitely placed the show on a whole new playing field of devilment and danger. More and more people are becoming tangled in the web of revenge, deceit and agendas. People who were once support characters in the story are now in the big, thick middle of the mess. This includes Ashley, Jack and poor little Charlotte.

    Plus, there are the Hamptonites still floating around out there who have not received their special dose of closure. Lydia is still out there recuperating from her balcony flyover. Tyler is locked up somewhere in crazyland. And, the storyline of Fauxmanda’s mess still includes killing Frank, and that murder investigation has never seen closure. It kinda just went off the radar…….for right now. Plus, where’s the famous author? At the insurance adjuster’s office?

    On top of this, poor ‘ole Ashley has made a few uneasy discoveries that has stagnated her climb to success. And, Daniel has learned that his beloved sister is his half-sister and the daughter of a supposed terrorist. The only person who has seen any forward movement this week seems to be Declan. However, receiving a college education courtesy of a Grayson could be considered more of a curse instead of a blessing.

    Since my speech on the art of subtlety has obviously been overrun with “in your face” bad behavior, I want to make a few predictions that will probably prove that I won’t be offered a job with the Psychic Friends Network anytime soon……. LOL

    After viewing this week’s unlucky Episode 13, here are a few things that might (and I say that loosely) be on the horizon. Even though the subtlety is mostly gone, the foreshadowing and clue part of the show is still fun!

    1. After viewing the casual, but interesting, attempt by Nolan to place an arm around Emily on the beach, and after hearing her quick refusal to be consoled, I believe there is a back story to that little show of affection. Is it possible that Nolan and Emily were past lovers? Or…..does he just have a “thing” for her and she knows it. After all, he did say that he was a #3 on the Kinsey Scale……Hmmm……..

    2. Since Ashley so humbly plopped down by Nolan in Jack’s bar, confessing her sad agenda of greed, is it also possible that Nolan and Ashley could be an item in the near future? After all, it’s the money and lifestyle that she was going after in the first place.

    3. Will those infamous tapes that are now in Victoria’s possession possibly contain material that could reveal the real Amanda Clarke? Or, will those tapes reveal an even more sinister plot by the Grayson’s that would be another surprise…….even to Victoria?

    4. Will Jack find the tape (of course he will) that was left under his bed? And…….will he see that David Clark was really framed by the Grayson’s? Also, will he figure things out about Emily?

    I do have a comment on this show regarding the overall story and plot structure. This has obviously been a wildly successful show and the plot line was extended due to the additional episodes being added by ABC. But, here’s my question and/or thought for the day. How long can the wrtiers at ABC keep a story like this going? How many people will have to be dealt with? Could a storyline like this go on for 3, 4, or 5 seasons. At some point, there has to be closure.

    Whereas the nighttime soaps of yesteryear like Dallas, Dynasty and Falcon Crest just dealt with the lifestyles of the rich and greedy and their day to day conniving, Revenge is based upon a storyline and an agenda that can’t go on forever (at least I don’t see how it can). I don’t see how a show could wait three seasons to bring closure to a story like this.

    Anyway………subtlety…… was nice while it lasted!

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