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ABC Eases the Pain with 6 Sneak Peeks for Revenge Episode 1.14 ‘Perception’

By on February 4, 2012

Image © ABC

The atmosphere for Daniel and Emily’s engagement party may be one of nervous excitement, but it’s probably fair to say fans of the show are feeling much the same way as they count the days until episodes 14 ‘Perception’ and 15 ‘Chaos’ hit the air and finally shed some light on that fateful shooting on the beach.

To ease the pain, ABC has released a slew of new sneak peeks for Perception, featuring Faumanda’s video tape, a first look at Grandpa Grayson, Victoria’s attempts to bend Conrad to her will (good luck Victoria!) and Nolan as a more vocal moral compass to Emily’s greater plans.

If you absolutely can’t wait until Wednesday for your next Revenge fix, then check out these intriguing clips right now.

All photographic promotional material © ABC.


  1. Norma

    February 9, 2012 at 4:41 am

    The last 15 minutes of Revenge certainly brought a few surprises. I wasn’t exactly expecting Charlotte to find out tonight that David Clark is her biological father. However, the evening certainly became more interesting when Grandpa Grayson threatened to take Conrad’s position away in Grayson Global.

    About the break-in into Emily’s house. I am going to predict that it’s Tyler. If you remember a few episodes ago, before Tyler went nuts at Daniel’s birthday party on the beach, he found something under Emily’s rug that intrigued him, but he was interrupted from his detective work.

    We had to know that there was a bit of foreshadowing in that episode. He will probably soon have every bit of the evidence linking Emily’s real identity to David Clark……..and linking the Graysons to the terrorist plot. Plus, at the end of tonight’s episode, Emily mentions a little something about “monsters getting out……..”

    Question #1……do we think that Grandpa Grayson knows anything about the terrorist plot that Conrad concocted against David Clark?

    Next week will definitely be interesting and could take 14 different turns because the web is so intricately tangled and tightly wound. Right now, it feels as though someone has violently shaken a Coca-Cola and they’re unscrewing the bottle cap……..and there is going to be a massive explosion of soda that gets everyone’s shirt wet.

    The beach shooting, who gets shot and “who dunnit?” could go in many different directions.

    1. Amanda is mad and frustrated with Emily. Let us not forget that there has not been closure with the fact that Faux-Amanda actually killed Frank, the Grayson Security Director. Could she finally lose it and shoot Daniel to get back at faux-Emily?

    2. Tyler has most likely broken into Emily’s beach house to get the “goods” on the Graysons and Emily. However, he could shoot Daniel because he actually wants Daniel as his lover and he wants to hurt Emily as well.

    3. Things could turn crazy on the beach. Tyler will probably show up somewhere with a gun…….BUT……. Daniel could take the gun from Tyler in self-defense and shoot him. What about this? Jack could show up at the right or wrong time and shoot Tyler to help defend Daniel.

    Emily could even shoot Tyler (if that’s not Daniel lying on the beach)……especially if she finds out that he has all of the evidence (remember the scene in the original episode – she has sand on her hands). No matter what happens, someone will be in the wrong place at the wrong time and probably get blamed for something they didn’t do.

    4. Now, this is a stretch……a big stretch…….but, could Conrad Grayson possibly be using Tyler (knowing that Tyler already knows the truth about some of the Grayson activities) to break into Emily’s house, destroy evidence and wreak some havoc on the beach? Is it possible that Conrad’s lust for power could cause him to hurt his son Daniel…… order to keep the company and to further hurt Victoria?

    Here’s what we know. At least 8 people are in desperate situations, either trying to keep what they have, coverup what they’ve done, destroy those who are a threat and stop a possible criminal conviction. Desperate times will cause these folks to use desperate measures.

    Question #2…….By the way, Did Nolan allow Jack to see the real tape on purpose because he really feels sorry for Jack?

    Question #3……..Also, do you have the feeling that some more truth is going to soon be revealed about Emily and Nolan? Hmmm…………….

    Question #4……..Do we honestly think they’re going to write Daniel “Handsome Heart-throb” Grayson out of the show?

  2. Norma

    February 9, 2012 at 7:04 pm

    I have an observation…….

    We have always found it interesting that Emily (Miss Revenge) Thorne who so handily covers her tracks with gloves, hidden compartments in hardwood floors and sneaky criminal access into files……..has a house in the Hamptons that can be so easily broken into at a moment’s notice.

    One night, it seemed as though her house had turned into a Greyhound Bus Station. People were in and out, constantly. If there was one bizarre question in the show that hasn’t been answered, it would be this:

    “How can someone so clever and brilliant in her plans of Revenge leave herself so open to people finding out who she really is?” Wouldn’t she have a top-of-the-line alarm system installed? Even garden-variety middle class folks have good alarm systems.

    Of course, the break-ins and the easy access portray that not all plans are fool-proof and they actually portray a distinct weakness in Emily. On behalf of the show’s writers, they have managed to foreshadow, through the easy-access to the home, some of Emily’s weaknesses. Her plan isn’t going to “go as planned”…….not at all.

    • Jennifer Griffin

      February 11, 2012 at 10:01 am

      I think that’s a great observation, Norma. The biggest risk for Emily in my estimation is her physical presence every day around the very people who could, at any moment, either remember her, or out her in some way. It’s one of the things that makes the show that little bit more thrilling for me. Is she going to get away with it, or is she going to be found out? I also love how she carries on all these amazing secret phone conversations while Daniel is sleeping in the next room. That man must have cloth ears!

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