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New Revenge Sneak Peek: The Revegenda Takes a Sinister Turn

By on March 11, 2014

(ABC/ Richard Cartwright) EMILY VANCAMP

We’ve got a very interesting sneak peek clip from Sunday’s Revenge episode to share with you.

If you’ve been keeping up with show scoop here on ScreenSpy, then you’ll know that the March 16 episode, entitled “Struggle” is set to see Emily’s blackouts becoming more violent.

Just how violent? How about taking a knife to her father’s lovingly carved infinity times infinity symbol on her old front porch? (Nooooooo!)

And if that’s not worrying enough, how about that threat to “kill them all like she should have done in the first place”?

Although we’re firmly convinced bestie Nolan (Gabriel Mann) is probably the person Ems should be confiding in right now (he makes some great suggestions for getting to grips with her murderous rage), it appears Emily may be too far gone to listen to him.

Question: Is this the real Emily speaking, or blackout Emily? Either way, it’s going to take some very specific handling to get her to back down.

“Struggle” airs Sunday March 16 on ABC.

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