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Revolution Season 2 Sizzle Reel & Comic Con Panelists Spill Some Major Blood and Spoilers

By on July 22, 2013

Pictured: (l-r) Zak Orth as Aaron, Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson -- (Photo by: Brownie Harris/NBC)

NBC unveiled a new extended look at Fall drama Revolution’s upcoming second season at Comic Con this weekend.

The clip, which featured several scenes from the season ahead, also foreshadowed some relationship difficulties for Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Miles (Billy Burke), as well as the fate of those nukes headed to Atlanta and Philadelphia and the death of yet another major character.

During the Revolution Comic Con panel showrunner Eric Kripke spoke about the fate of those nuclear weapons, revealing that Aaron (Zac Orth) does not in fact prevent them from falling on two large cities. “We’re trying to be the first network show in history that loses two American cities in the first 15 seconds of a season,” Kripke told a surprised audience. “We’re back to a very intense set of basics, and a  world that’s even more dangerous than in season one.”

Apart from another yet potential death (we won’t spoil you on that one, but you can go right ahead and spoil yourself through the video link below) what else can Revolution fans expect to see this Fall? The Monroe/Miles bromance (or is it a romance?) will be back in a big way, apparently. Kripke revealed that their idea of having Monroe and Miles team up this season came from a simple desire to see both men kicking ass together again.

But what, apart from Monroe’s unhealthy fixation with former friend Miles, will bring these two enemies together following the events of the season 1 finale? A new big bad, according to Kripke.  “The idea is to create a villain this year that’s so bad and so insidious and whose tentacles go so far, that even our heroes and our villains ultimately have to band together to fight this threat.” he told the Comic Con audience.

As to hints surrounding that villain? Kripke referenced a group called the Patriots, from Cuba, which includes Rachel’s Dad (Stephen Collins, fresh off a stint playing the President in TNT’s Falling Skies).“They’re using the iconography of stars and stripes and patroism,” Kripke said of the group. “But they’re using it as a mask. If you were to look behind closed doors you’ll see that they are really, really bad dudes up to some nefarious stuff.

Revolution returns with season 2 on Wednesday September 25th on NBC.

One Comment

  1. david

    September 9, 2013 at 2:07 pm

    Revolution is a bit late Jericho had 15 cities hit with a nuclear bombs in the opening show. They even had the evil Chinese sending food and medicine to help the America people.

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