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Revolution Season Premiere “Born in the USA” Images

By on September 10, 2013

Pictured: Billy Burke as Miles Matheson -- (Photo by: Bill Records/NBC)

Revolution is back on Wednesday 25th, folks.

The season premiere “Born in the USA” will pick up on events some six months following that fateful day in the tower which saw Nora’s death and two nuclear missiles launched  at major US cities.

Yes, we’ll learn what happened with those nukes, and just who had a mental breakdown directly afterwards. (Hint, it’s not who you might think).

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What else is on offer in this mini-flashforward ep? Well, someone’s got a new beau, someone’s had a change of heart, someone’s got a new gig, and someone won’t make it out alive.

See if you can tell who’s who and what’s what in these first look images from the premiere episode below.


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