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‘Scanners’ TV Show In The Works

By on July 23, 2011

Anyone remember David Cronenberg’s 1981 scifi horror Scanners?

No? It featured an underground movement of psychics with terrible powers, hell bent on world domination.  Only one man could stop their ambitions.  His name was Cameron Vale.  He was the only scanner the movement hadn’t yet indoctrinated to their cause.  And he happened to be the strongest one of them all.  Oh and it featured a lot of exploding heads.

Well it looks like Scanners may be making a comeback.  On the small screen at least.  Deadline reports that the Weinstein Company’s Dimension Films is developing a series adaptation of the movie.  The Hills Have Eyes writer/director Alexandre Aja will executive produce and possibly direct the pilot.

It is thought that Dimension bought the film rights some years ago with the intention of creating a theatrical remake but the success of  the horror-driven The Walking Dead gave them the idea of transforming the property to TV.

According to Deadline, Dimension is already in talks with potential showrunners to create and run the series.


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