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Sex, Lies & Betrayal: Suits Season 3 Teaser

By on February 22, 2013

Image © USA

Is it season 3 yet? Although Suits doesn’t return to screens until summer 2013, there was plenty in last night’s season finale to keep fans guessing until then including Rachel and Mike’s tryst, Harvey and Jessica’s rift and of course Mike’s huge revelation which could ruin not just his own career but Harvey’s too.

Speaking to THR, Suits boss Aaron Korsh spoke about the rift between Jessica and Harvey today saying “Their relationship has been mentor-mentee. For most of season one, it was pretty rock-solid. In season two, their relationship is strained and stressed a little bit more after she discovers what he did with Mike — and other things — but it’s still good. Eventually, in any relationship the mentee is going to want to move on from the mentor — not dissimilar from a parent-child dynamic. That, to some degree, happened in the last six episodes, and they’re going to have to do some healing.

“Her goal was to show Harvey that he isn’t ready yet to be the leader, but I also believe Jessica was going to do the merger and put his name on the door, but he didn’t want it that way. From her perspective, it’s a question of “what the f— is wrong with you?” From his perspective, they’ve fended off all these attacks, and now you want to jump into bed with these people? They both have a leg to stand on and they don’t back down, and it fractures their relationship. The question is, did Jessica go too far and snap their bond or not. We’ll find that out in the course of season three.”

Check out this (far too short) teaser trailer for the season ahead.

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