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Studios On Track to Replace Up to 48% of Human Actors with Activision’s Next Gen Animated Characters by 2015

By on April 1, 2013

The Face of the Future? Activision Blizzard's Next Gen Face

In the real world, nothing is perfect. But games company Activision Blizzard have come pretty close to recreating the nuance, complexity and imperfections of the human form with their next gen animation, unveiled recently at GDC.

This weekend, director of graphics research and development Javier van der Pahlen and researcher Jorge Jimenez presented their latest research in next-generation character modeling and animation for use, not just in Activision Blizzard’s next-generation titles in development, but also for the small screen.

So impressive is the technology that several studios have already expressed interest in designing ‘virtual TV characters’ for use on TV. With studios and Networks lining up to replace costly human actors with their digital counterparts, it is estimated that up to 48% of human actors could be replaced with digital creations by 2015.

Speaking on this cutting-edge but controversial move, Studio Exec April Loof told ScreenSpy “Next gen creations take so much of the gamble out of producing TV on a week in week out basis. Everyone remembers the Writer’s Guild strike of 2007. We don’t want writers – or actors – to get in the way when it comes to getting our product out there. Next Gen actors are always available, they’re always on time, they don’t get sick or forget their lines, and if you don’t like how they look we can always change their appearance. Bigger boobs? Manlier chin? We can re-imagine it for you!

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