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The Geek’s Guide to Fall TV’s Hottest Men 2013

By on July 26, 2013

With soaring temperatures and a collection of returning summer shows to keep you busy, your thoughts may be far from Fall TV right now. Here at ScreenSpy however, we’ve busily spent the summer months watching and carefully reviewing all of the Fall pilots headed our way later this year for our annual Geek’s Guide to Fall TV’s Hottest Men feature.

In order to make the list, which was a tough one this year, we follow a simple set of rules. The show must be new, and the actor in question must have a starring or recurring role. (So as much as we adore Stephen Amell, who featured in last year’s guide, we can’t choose him again this year.)

So who are the ten most noteworthy faces (and bodies) set to heat up our TV screens through the winter months ahead?  This year’s new faces include super humans, lawyers, a prince, a cop or two and some technologically advanced specimens of humanity.

In no particular order (please don’t berate us because your guy’s not number one) we present The Geek’s Guide to Fall TV’s Hottest Men 2013.





Who is he? Josh Holloway

What is he known for? He’s best known for being bad boy James Sawyer on ABC’s long running Lost series.

What show is he on? CBS’ Intelligence, starting  February 24 2014.

Why will we like him? Josh won hearts as a smooth talking drifter with a sinister agenda on Lost, and the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree where his latest character Gabriel Black is concerned. Expect to see lots of Gabriel’s cheeky but charming qualities on show as he ruffles the feathers of his government agent partner Riley (played by Once Upon a Time’s Meghan Ory). Gabriel may carry the world’s most expensive computer chip in his brain, be able to open locked doors with a thought and pick up new languages in the blink of eye, but we still think his most impressive quality is that smile. Or maybe his dimples. We can’t decide.

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Who is he? Blair Underwood

What is he known for? He wowed audiences as a mysterious charmer on ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money, as the sexy POTUS in NBC’s The Event and as a Navy fighter pilot on HBO’s critically acclaimed In Treatment.

What show is he on? NBC’s Ironside, kicking off on October 2nd.

Why will we like him? When news broke that NBC was bringing the classic cop show Ironside back from the dead, we knew there were only a handful of actors with enough presence to be the face of this gritty and sexy rebooted classic. Blair Underwood is that actor. Ironside never looked so good.

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Who is he? Karl Urban

What is he known for? Dammit Jim, he’s a doctor not a policeman! Or at least he is in J.J. Abrams latest big screen Trek franchise. You may also not recognize him as Judge Dredd from the recent Dredd movie because of his reluctance to part with that helmet of his.

What show is he on? FOX’s upcoming Almost Human. The new series kicks off on November 4th 2013.

Why will we like him? In short, Karl Urban brings a big screen, movie star quality to FOX’s Almost Human as the physically and emotionally injured John Kennex. You may tune into the futuristic Almost Human out of curiosity (like another of Abrams’ projects, Fringe, the show has lots of future science gone wrong, intriguing plots and amazing gadgets), but you’ll stay  for Urban because he makes it all believable.

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Who is he? Tom Mison

What is he known for? He’s been in the TV series Parade’s End (as Potty Perowne) with Benedict Cumberbatch, the adorable Mr Bingley in the TV series Lost in Austen, and the 2011 movie Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.

What show is he on? FOX’s supernatural action series Sleepy Hollow, which starts September 16th.

Why will we like him? As we wrote in our Sleepy Hollow pilot review earlier this year “Mison in particular deserves praise for his pitch-perfect portrayal of an innocent abroad whose new experiences seem only to add to his sense of befuddlement and irritation.” There are many ways Mison could have approached the legendary Ichabod crane – a man out of time and history –  but he ultimately went with a nuanced and human version, which he peppered with comedic undertones. In short, Crane is adorably British and adorably cranky and very watchable. So go watch him!

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Who is he? Robbie Amell

What is he known for? Being the cousin of Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen on the CW’s Arrow series. Frankly we find this comparison a little unfair seeing as Robbie is no stranger to the big and small screen. He’s had roles in Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous, 1600 Penn, Revenge, Alcatraz, True Jackson, VP and a whole lot more.

What show is he on? The CW’s The Tomorrow People, starting October 9th.

Why will we like him? Robbie’s great looks and amazing physique lend weight to the notion that we really might be looking at the next stage in human evolution in the CW’s The Tomorrow People. Yes, yes, we know the show focuses on telekinesis, teleportation and other supernatural phenomena but Amell’s Stephen Jameson really is in a league of his own.

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Who is he? Greg Kinnear

What is he known for? Little Miss Sunshine, As Good as it Gets, The Kennedys and a whole lot more.

What show is he on? FOX’s Rake, from Midseason.

Why will we like him? It may be 16 years since Greg Kinnear was nominated for an oscar for his role as Simon in As Good as it Gets, but Kinnear still has has it. The prolific and versatile actor turns on the charm (along with a whiff of comedically-timed desperation) as Keegan Dean in FOX’s new legal drama. As we noted in our pilot review earlier this year “Greg Kinnear deserves props for making a character so swiss-cheesed with flaws genuinely engaging to watch. We’re not sure why he hesitated for so long before finally committing to a TV project, but we get the feeling it took a character like Keegan Dean to make it worthwhile. Whether we’re looking at Dean’s flashes of brilliance in the courtroom, or the flashes of arrogance that pepper his personal life, there’s a real sense of charm, warmth and humor present that a lesser actor might struggle to get across. Like Hugh Laurie’s Gregory House before him, Kinnear’s Keegan Dean is one of TV’s originals.”

Looking for a loveable rogue this Fall? Then check out Kinnear in Rake.

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Who is he?  Ramon Rodriguez

What is he known for? Rodriguez is an experienced film and TV actor whose credits include Battle Los Angeles, The Taking of Pelham 123 and the Transformers franchise as well as the TV series The Wire and Day Break. He also graced the Geek’s Guide to Fall TV in 2011 for his role as Bosley in ABC’s short lived Charlie’s Angels reboot.

What show is he on? FOX’s Gang Related from midseason.

Why will we like him? Ramon’s sexy good looks and acting chops make him a natural choice as Ryan Lopez, a rising star in the Los Angeles’ Gang Task Force who is caught between duties to two very different father figures in FOX’s midseason crime drama Gang Related. Despite his connections to the criminal underworld and the lies this requires him to spin to his senior officer (Lost’s Terry O’Quinn) the audience never feels anything by sympathy for Lopez, who exudes strong little boy lost appeal throughout. If you’re looking for a conflicted action hero this fall, you’ll find him in Ryan Lopez.

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Who is he? Mark Pellegrino

What is he known for? 

What show is he on? The CW’s The Tomorrow People.

Why will we like him? Hey, we like him already. Pellegrino has been wowing genre audiences for years with roles in cult favorites such as The Big Lebowski to more recent TV appearances in Grimm, Revolution, Person of Interest, Supernatural, Chuck, The Closer … and the list goes on. Pellegrino’s great looks and intense presence make him the perfect bad guy (look no further than his role as Bishop on Syfy’s Being Human), and in The Tomorrow People he gets to shine as the thoroughly evil Doctor Jedikiah Price who is determined to stamp out genetic abnormalities (and by genetic abnormalities we mean people!), whatever the cost. We’ll be honest. The Tomorrow People needs someone weighty and capable like Pellegrino to make it work, and his casting as the big bad in this series is inspired. It’s high time we saw this guy on screen on a weekly basis again. Looking for something a little scurrilous this Fall? Then look no further than Pellegrino’s Doc. Price.

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Who is he? Torrance Coombs

What is he known for? The Tudors (perfect casting), Heartland and Endgame.

What show is he on? The CW’s Reign.

Why will we like him? Torrance Coombs’ Bash adds some much needed Tudors-style roguishness to proceedings as the French King’s bastard son. Careful though, too much of bad boy Bash and you’ll forget this period costume drama is supposed to be all about Mary and Prince Francis!

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Who is he? Stuart Townsend

What is he known for? He’s Dorian Grey from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. He’s also a whole lot of characters from Robot Chicken, in addition to Lestat de Lioncourt from Queen of the Damned.

What show is he on? ABC’s Betrayal.

Why will we like him? You may be used to seeing Irishman Stuart Townsend in roles where his good looks and sexuality are more openly advertised (think Dorian Grey) but in Jack McAllister there’s a more nuanced and understated appeal. McAllister is one half of an illicit and doomed affair between the wife of an aspiring prosecutor and a man in the employ of a shady businessman with ties to the criminal underworld, and Townsend puts in a pitch perfect performance as a world-weary pragmatist whose heart has been opened by real love for the first time. Betrayal wasn’t our favorite pilot this season, but Townsend lifted every scene he was in and breathed life into some moments of pretty corny dialogue. Townsend’s Jack McCallister is one for the true romantics among you this Fall.

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  1. chris hughes

    July 26, 2013 at 4:57 pm

    Bit shocked James purefoy from the series the following isent there-He would b my no 1-agree on robbie amell-but sorry none of the others for me

    • Mark

      July 26, 2013 at 6:03 pm

      Wow, you really have no clue how this works do you? Purefoy can’t be in the 2013 list because The Following is now in its 2nd season. Try reading the article before posting!!!! it’s about NEW shows.

    • Jennifer Griffin

      July 26, 2013 at 6:18 pm

      While we would love to add James Purefoy to just about every list we create, this one is strictly for new faces appearing in new Fall shows. The Following already has one season under its belt and therefore cant be considered a new show for the purposes of our annual Geek’s Guide. Check out the first paragraph for details about how it works. 🙂

  2. Linguistic

    July 26, 2013 at 6:12 pm

    I’m so glad the Geek’s Guide isn’t just a brainless list of whos-who on the CW this year. *cough TV Guide cough* There’s some real thought in this list. Well done for that.
    Questions: Where can I find last year’s list, and how far back do they go? Also why isn’t your fellow countryman Jonathan Rhys Meyers from NBC’s Dracula on this list? Also yes to 10, 8, 6 and 4. I realise that last one is not a question 😉

  3. Michelle

    July 27, 2013 at 2:10 am

    This list is wonderful but for the glaring absence of Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

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