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The Maids Clash With Their Employers in Devious Maids “Setting the Table”

By on June 24, 2013

Matt Cedeno, Roselyn Sanchez and Wole Parks. Image © Lifetime. Photo by Photo by Joseph Viles

Did you tune into the series premiere of Lifetime’s Devious Maids last night? The new drama from Desperate Housewives’ Eva Longoria and Housewives creator Marc Cherry centers on the lives of a group of maids to the rich and powerful. When one of their own is murdered, the scene is set for a dollop of murder mystery, comedy and a dash of romance. This sharp, funny and accessible dramedy paints its characters and settings with bold and bright brushstrokes, planting the audience in comfortable and familiar Housewives territory, while still managing to bring something fresh to the table.

Who’s Who, What’s What? A “Devious Maids” Tutorial

Episode 2, “Setting the Table,” sees Valentina’s plans to get closer to her employers son Remi ramping up a notch when she successfully works her way into his circle of friends after hours. However, her efforts are soon noticed by her mother Zoila who comes up with a novel – but nonetheless embarrassing – way to remind Valentina that the help should not mingle with their employers.

Meanwhile, in the home of the actors/absentee parents, Spence discovers a pair of men’s underpants under his bed and accuses Peri of cheating on him. Rosie becomes enmeshed in their squabble when she is asked to choose sides.

In the home of famous musician Alejandro, Carmen decides to make the most of both Alejandro and Odessa being out of the house, much to Sam’s dismay. When Carmen invites the other maids to a poolside lunch, he decides to confront her. How will the fast talking Carmen get out of this one?

And finally, desperate for answers about Flora’s murder, Marisol tries to figure out a way to spend more time at the Powell house – even if it means getting closer to the sleazy Mr Powell.

“Setting the Table” airs Sunday June 30th 0:00-11:00PM (ET) on Lifetime.

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