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The Residents Receive an Unexpected Visit in Under the Dome’s “Blue on Blue”

By on July 9, 2013

Image © CBS

Breaking scoop on Under the Dome’s July 22nd episode “Blue on Blue” teases that the residents of Chester’s Mill will receive an unexpected visit from their loved ones on the other side. That’s according to the latest details from CBS for the show’s fifth episode.

Meanwhile, the community will brace for a threat from outside the Dome.

Casting details for the episode follow below.

Under the Dome follows the fortunes of the residents of the small New England town of Chester’s Mill whose lives are thrown into chaos when a transparent dome descends on the town, trapping those inside from the outside world.


Mike Vogel (Dale “Barbie” Barbara)

Rachelle Lefevre (Julia Shumway)

Dean Norris (James “Big Jim” Rennie)

Natalie Martinez (Deputy Linda)

Britt Robertson (Angie)

Alex Koch (Junior)

Colin Ford (Joe)

Nicholas Strong (Phil Bushey)

Jolene Purdy (Dodee)

Aisha Hinds (Carolyn Hill)



Samantha Mathis (Alice)

Mackenzie Lintz (Norrie)

Beth Broderick (Rose)

John Elvis (Ben)

Dale Raoul (Andrea)

Ned Bellamy (Reverend Coggins)



Andrew Vogel (Carter)

Al Vicente (Dell)

Arianne Martin (Georgia)

Josh Carter (Rusty)

Ellen Rice (Dodee’s Mother)

Gary Weeks (Norrie’s Dad)

Jeff Glor (Jeff Glor)

Rahsheem Shabazz (Young Soldier)

Chip Lane (Joe’s Dad)

Julie Kendall (Joe’s Mom)

Ed Ricker (Andrea’s Son)

Nick Madrick (Bullhorn Soldier)

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