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The Secret Circle’s Gale Harold is ‘Devilish and Delicious’

By on September 6, 2011

Kevin Williamson, executive producer of the upcoming CW Witchy Drama The Secret Circle has made his feelings clear about how he wants Gale Harold to play resident bad guy Charles Meade.

I want him to be devilish and delicious again,” said Williamson in the Fall TV Double issue of Entertainment Weekly. Williamson’s comment has put may of Harold’s fans in mind of a previous bad boy character of his, namely Brian Kinney from Queer as Folk.

Williamson also hinted in a previous interview that the multi-generational aspect of the show will appeal to adults as much as teens.

What I love about The Secret Circle is that it’s multi-generational,” Williamson told Collider recently.  “I love the idea that it’s not just a teen show. It is very much an adult show, and the themes and ideas that are running through it, while they are young characters, is going to get very adult, very fast. It’s just going to go more that way than the high school, teen way.”

The Fall Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly (for sale on September 9th) comes with a special Secret Circle insert (featured) in which readers can light and blow out an electronic candle flame by touching metal discs and a wind sensor embedded on the page.

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