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The Walking Dead Episode 2.07 Mid Season Finale ‘Pretty Much Dead Already’ First Look

By on November 21, 2011

The Walking Dead airs its mid season finale on Sunday November 27th. (The show will return in 2012 following a two month hiatus with a further 6 episodes in the current season)

Pretty Much Dead Already sees Rick attempting to persuade Hershel to allow the survivors to stay on the farm. However Hershel, unaware, or perhaps unwilling to face up to the the true reality of the outside world, tells the group that they must leave by the end of the week.

The midseason finale also sees many of the group standing up for themselves. Carol tells Daryl what he means to her. Lori tells Rick about her pregnancy. Glen makes a stand and Shane, already at boiling point, makes a bold move that will carry repercussions.

Check out the promo trailer and sneak peek for Pretty Much Dead Already below.



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