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The Walking Dead’s Super Bowl Trailers: The Apocalypse Stops For No Mom

By on February 4, 2013

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon.

Yesterday’s Walking Dead Super Bowl trailers run along a theme – the Zombie Apocalypse doesn’t keep a busy Mom from her chores. Or something.

We’re not quite sure what demographic these adverts are aimed at, but we kind of like them nonetheless because they’re totally not what we were expecting.

Watch as Daryl’s Walker slaying is interrupted by irritated Mom, who reprimands him with “We just had that painted, Daryl.” eliciting an uncharacteristically sheepish “Sorry” from our favorite Dixon.

Oh and there’s something here about Time Warner Cable too, but our attention was fully diverted by the thoughts of Daryl’s living room cleanup.

The Walking Dead returns to screens with “The Suicide King” and scenes involving far less domesticity on Sunday February 10th on AMC, and in the UK on FOX, from Friday February 15th.





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