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Top Ten Teasers For The Once Upon a Time Season 2 Premiere ‘Broken’

By on September 27, 2012


Will Once Upon a Time’s season 2 premiere cast a spell on you? We’re going to go with yes. Although we can’t reveal the major highlights from the episode (ABC will turn us into frogs!) airing Sunday September 30th on ABC, we can tell you that fans of the show are in for a real treat on several fronts.

‘Broken’ is both an ambitious episode, which two concurrent and inter-connected storylines, and also an emotionally satisfying one. Whatever your ship, you’ll probably want to bring a tissue for those tears. And if you’ve been hoping for answers about Gold’s purple haze, Regina’s magic and what’s next for the inhabitants of Storybrooke, then rest assured – you’ll get what you’re looking for. However, be aware, as this is Once, new questions will pop up in place of the old in short order.

Check out our Top Ten Teasers for Sunday’s premiere below.

1. Don’t change the channel or curse your DVR settings. Those opening moments ARE actually from the right show. Clever huh?

2. Check out that Mulan-Prince Phillip-Aurora love triangle. At this point, I don’t much care who ends up with who. They’re all gorgeous and we’ll be seeing more of guest stars Julian Morris, Jamie chung and Sarah Bolger soon.

3. It appears Emma (Jennifer Morrison) will learn just how different magic is in Storybrooke when she inherits a new ability. Now where did that come from? Regina might know.

4. Robert Carlyle’s Mr Gold continues to be delicious as a man struggling with the monster within. Can Belle save him?

5. ‘Broken’ features a truly creepy creature. Be careful what you touch.

6. The mystery surrounding Dr Whale’s (David Anders) identity deepens. When confronted by Charming, he snaps “You are not my Prince!’ Who is this guy? No one seems to know.

7. “We were cursed!” is the best throw-away line of the episode, and comes from the lips of Ginnifer Goodwin’s Snow in response to Charming’s discovery of her one night stand with Whale last season.

8. The long awaited Daughter/Mother/Father Emma/Snow/Charming reunion is both more and less than we hoped. Did we mention to bring those tissues?

9. We can definitely see the beginnings of an Emma/Regina … friendship? … understanding? … agreement? here.

10. Hat’s off to the ending. We loved it.

Once Upon a Time returns to screens this Sunday September 30th on ABC.



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