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Twisted “The Truth Will Out” Sneak Peeks: All Cards on the Table

By on July 31, 2013

TWISTED - Avan Jogia as Danny on ABC Family's "Twisted." (ABC FAMILY/Andrew Eccles)

The investigation into who killed Regina is notched up several levels in Twisted’s August 6th episode, when Karen (Denise Richards) confesses to her murder.

But does her sloppy confession only make Danny (Avan Jogia) look more guilty?

Meanwhile Danny and Lacey (Kylie Bunbury) decide to lay all their cards on the table by telling their parents about their relationship. We’re not sure if we agree with Danny’s assertion that the set up would make for a screwball sitcom, but we think it might have legs as a spicy summer murder mystery drama.

Tellingly though, neither pal can decide how to broach the subject of their status with Jo (Maddie Hasson).

However relationship wows will soon be the last of Danny and Lacey’s wows as developments will threaten to place Danny in Arizona.

Catch three sneak peeks from “The Truth Will Out” below, and catch the episode Tuesday August 6th on ABC Family.

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