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Victoria Feigns Victory in These Revenge “Sacrifice” Images

By on January 30, 2013
Image © ABC

Image © ABC

If there’s one thing the Graysons excel at it’s forging ahead when everything and everyone else is crumbling around them, and this Labor Day proves no different on ABC’s Revenge.

As Victoria and Conrad begin to feel the claustrophobic squeeze of threats closing in on all sides, they put on a bold show at their annual Labor Day party. We just hope Nolan doesn’t get threatened at gunpoint like he did last year. (RIP Frank. We’ll never forget how you almost exposed Fauxmanda – or fought like a girl against Lydia. You will be missed. Mostly by me.)

Meanwhile, after a beautiful wedding on the beach Jack and Amanda set sail on board The Amanda on their Honeymoon. However, as a recent ABC episode synopsis puts it “The Seas prove to be deadly and this time Emily can’t control the outcome.”

Catch Revenge Sunday February 17th on ABC.

Images from the episode follow below.