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Warehouse 13 Mid-Season Finale ‘We All Fall Down’ Promotional Images

By on September 28, 2012

Saul Rubinek as Artie Nielsen, Joanne Kelly as Myka Bering -- (Photo By: Steve Wilkie/Syfy)

After the twist ending to last week’s episode, the Warehouse team realizes the “unspeakable evil” unleashed by Magellan’s Astrolabe was not Brother Adrian after all … and now they’re in a race around the world to stop Artie before he causes an even greater disaster.

Check out the photos below, courtesy of Syfy, and don’t miss the mid-season finale of Warehouse 13, Episode 4.10 ‘We All Fall Down,’ on Monday, October 1 at 9 PM ET/PT on Syfy.

Press Release for Warehouse 13 Episode 4.10 ‘We All Fall Down’

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