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What’s in Store For the Liars This Summer? Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Under the Microscope

By on May 25, 2012

Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell & Lucy Hale (ABC FAMILY/MATHIEU YOUNG)

By Jamie Krakover

At the conclusion of season two, Pretty Little Liars revealed a huge secret: the long awaited identity of A. The show managed to keep the big reveal under wraps, but ultimately decided to stick with the book series and crowned Mona with the title. But when her identity was discovered, Mona prodded Spencer to join Team A. What does that imply? We think there’s a long queue of people waiting to take revenge on the Liars, making it quite likely that this season may include not just one individual, but a group behind A’s antics.

The preview to season three suggests a new A will emerge. Is this new tormentor linked to Mona, as she suggested in her reference to a “team?” We’re convinced Mona is merely a pawn in a much larger scheme. She appears to know that the girls are being tormented again. Viewers are in for another game of cat and mouse as the hunt for A becomes more involved.

Hanna quizzes Mona. Photo by Eric McCandless. Image © ABC Family

As season two ended, the girls thought their nightmare had ended when Mona was carted off. However, in the closing moments of the season finale, we were hit with another shocker – Maya’s death. Is her murder connected to A’s plans, or is this a completely separate incident?  Everything started with the death of Alison, so Maya might just be part of the plot to drive a wedge between the Liars.

Just how will Maya’s death affect the girls? It will certainly hit Emily the hardest with the knock on effect of tearing her away from the group, or adversely, pulling her in closer as she seeks a shoulder to lean on. With messages from a new A on the horizon, we really do hope the group can band together and that Emily will choose to lean on them.

As season three launches, one giant question looms – will a second hunt for the identity of  A keep the audience engaged, or just annoy them? With new mystery and even more blackmail there’s plenty to hold our attention. The girls still have tons of dirt to dig up. The return of Jenna’s sight is sure to be a shock for everyone, and we know she still blames Alison for her accident. Now that she can see, Jenna is a prime candidate to pursue revenge. Spencer’s sister is another one to watch as she blames Spencer for every failed relationship. And the girls still need to uncover information on Alison’s alter ego Vivian, who most definitely will lead to more nasty secrets. In addition there’s the promise of new bad girl Cece appearing mid-season who is said to have taught Alison her wicked ways. Cece will up the ante and could even the score if she sides with the Liars, but the odds are stacked towards her emerging as a ruthless enemy.

Despite all the new questions, viewers can certainly expect the backstabbing, twists and drama Pretty Little Liars dishes out so well. So bring on those twisted text messages A – we are ready for you!

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