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Who’s Who, What’s What? A “Devious Maids” Tutorial

By on June 17, 2013

Image © Lifetime

If you liked Desperate Housewives then you’ll probably love Devious Maids. This sharp new murder mystery drama with comedic undertones comes to Lifetime on Sunday June 23 and follows a group of friends who work as maids to the rich and famous.

When one of their own, Flora, is brutally murdered at the home of her employers during one of the largest society events of the year, the maids come together to support each other during their time of grief. However, one of the maids is harboring a secret identity, and uncovering Flora’s real murderer is at the top of her agenda. But with each caught up her own individual struggle for survival, can her friends be convinced to help?

Having watched the first two episodes, we can tell you that the show is lighter than it might at first appear, and in the vein of Housewives, offers plenty of opportunity for laughs, as well as a few tears. There is a large ensemble cast with five leads – each with their own rich/famous/neurotic family storyline – which makes for a lot of new characters to get used to. However the series paints each character so (sometimes painfully) clearly, that by the end of the first episode, you’ll feel on familiar territory. We promise!

We’ve got some details on the first two episodes, along with some who’s who video clips of each of the maids in action. Check them out below, and remember to stay with @ScreenSpy on Twitter | ScreenSpy on Facebook for more breaking Devious Maids news.

PILOT (#101)
Airs Sunday, June 23 at 10:00-11:00PM (ET)

The women turn to one another for support when their friend and fellow maid Flora (Paula Garces) is brutally murdered at the home of her employers, Evelyn and Adrian Powell (Rebecca Wisocky and Tom Irwin), at one of the largest society events of the year. Meanwhile, newcomer Marisol (Ana Ortiz) is hired to clean the home of Taylor and Michael Stappord (Brianna Brown and Brett Cullen), a newlywed couple with a complicated love history. But Marisol has ulterior motives and when someone she loves becomes wrapped up in Flora’s murder, she goes undercover to learn the truth.

Airs Sunday, June 30 at 10:00-11:00PM (ET)

Valentina’s plans to get closer to Remi continue to irritate Zoila. Rosie gets caught in the middle when Spence accuses Peri of cheating. Carmen takes advantage of Alejando and Odessa being out of the house, much to Sam’s dismay. Marisol tries to figure out a way to spend more time at the Powell house

Meet Carmen

Meet Marisol

Meet Rosie

Meet Valentina

Meet Zoila


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