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Who Has the Worst Ex? You Decide in 5 Sneak Peeks at New Girl’s “Exes”

By on February 4, 2014

Max Greenfield as Schmidt. Co. Cr: Alexei Hay/FOX

Who has the worst ex, Nick or Jess?

It’s a tough call, especially after watching these five new sneak peeks from tonight’s New Girl episode “Exes.”

On the one hand there’s Berkley, the stay at home Dad who speaks in baby burp metaphors but also secretly wants to leave his wife for Jess.

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Then there’s angry Caroline who isn’t about to let Nick’s bygones be bygones as Jess suggests she will.

Either way, New Girl presents an interesting dilemma tonight. Is it possible to be friends with your ex?

Schmidt on the other hand should be so lucky. His recent “sexual drought” (thanks in part to spending so much time alone in that swanky new apartment), is starting to take a toll on his ability to attract women. Watch him coming off like a serial killer below.

New Girl’s “Exes” airs Tuesday Feb. 4 on FOX.

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