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What’s Your Gambling IQ?

By on December 12, 2016

When it comes to winning big at the casino, some people just seem to have natural luck. But is that really what’s happening? Are wins and losses determined only by the luck of the draw, or by the skill or “gambling IQ” of the player?

Depending on that casino games you may like to play, there is generally a certain learning curve involved. For example, you would probably never sit down to play a game of Poker without learning the basic rules of the game first. The same holds true for other casino games such as Roulette, Baccarat and even basic Craps. Therefore, it follows that while it may not always be possible to change your luck, it is possible to increase your gambling IQ and give yourself an advantage, every time.

What’s your Gambling IQ? Test yourself by answering the following questions honestly. (Check your results against the answers below.)


  1. Do you know what “House Advantage” in casino table games means?
  2. How can you increase your odds of winning at a slot or VLT machine?
  3. What’s the best way to reduce the amount you spend while playing?
  4. When a slot machine or VLT produces a “near miss” (where the symbols almost line up), are your chances of a payout any higher for future spins?
  5. How is it possible to keep gambling a fun and within-budget experience?


1. The House Advantage (also called a theoretical hold) is based on statistical probabilities. While each individual spin the player makes on a slot or VLT machine is independent, over time, when added up, the results will drift towards the theoretical hold. While casinos can’t tell when a machine will pay out (and playing more won’t alter the House Advantage) there is truth to the old expression ‘The House always wins’ after all.

2. Short answer? You can’t. The only factor that determines which symbols or cards appear on the screen is a random number generator (RNG) inside the machine.

3. The best way to reduce the amount you spend while playing is to factor in the following: how fast you’re playing, the house advantage, the size of your bet, and the the number of visits you make. While the house advantage is out of the player’s hands (it’s set by the casino), it is relatively easy to gamble responsibly by paying attention to the other factors. Playing less frequently, making more modest bets and wagers in a given time frame all help keep things under control.

4. In reality, your chances of winning are exactly the same as before. Most Live Casino slot games have more of these near misses than actual wins. The results are calculated by a random number generator the instant the play button is pressed, and, as unbelievable as it may seem, each result is independent from the last.

5. Like any form of entertainment, gambling is another way to pass the time and spend money. Making a budget, sticking to a time frame and planning ahead of time can all help keep the experience fun. Additionally, playing Live Dealer Casino can also be an effective way to test yourself against a real dealer, hone your existing skills and learn the game, no matter your current gambling IQ.

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