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3 Sneak Peeks at The Lying’s Game’s “The Grave Truth”

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 9 years ago

The Lying Game’s Winter Finale is just around the corner. However, there’s still plenty of story to tell in the penultimate episode “The Grave Truth” airing March 5th.

The episode is set to see Emma and Sutton’s double identity exposed and a race against time in search of a missing loved one.

Meanwhile, Sutton receives a mysterious phone call that may provide some valuable information, and Emma’s feelings for Thayer are tested when she finds herself in close quarters with Ethan.

Check out these three new sneak peeks from the episode below featuring Mads confronting Alec about the dangers Rebecca poses, and his use of Jordan as a spy. Meanwhile in the second clip, Laurel, Emma, and Sutton work together to discuss how they can clear Ted’s name.

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Finally, in sneak peek 3, Rebecca makes a public display of her humiliation by accusing Kristin of having an affair with Alec – just before receiving a call from Ted Mercer!

“The Grave Truth” is revealed Tuesday March 5th at 9 pm ET/PT on ABC Family.


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