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5 Questions THE BLACKLIST Needs to Answer

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 2 years ago

There’s something about this season of The Blacklist that makes us crave answers… even more than we usually do. 

Maybe it’s the addition of Laila Robins as Katarina Rostova that suggests more on Red’s past, and maybe, just maybe, the full story of that past, is forthcoming?

Or maybe it’s because last season’s answers (Red is Ilya Koslov, post extensive facial reconstructive surgery? Liz is finally to let go of the past? Really?) left something to be desired.

Either way, we want more, and we want it now, dammit.

And while Season 7 is actually shaping up to deliver more on Red and Katarina’s past, there are some questions that are proving to be bigger head scratchers than others right now.

For example:

Chekhov’s Gun and Red’s Protocol

Last week, following his escape from Katarina’s clutches (but not really!) Red managed to make a phone call to Dembe to let him know he was still alive.

Dembe was enormously relieved not to have to “enact the protocol” in the event of Red’s death, prompting many fans to ask “enact the what now?”

Notably, Dembe appeared to be packing a bag in a bank vault at the time. Were those actions related to enacting the protocol? And exactly what plans will Red set in motion in the event of his death? There’s only one way to know for certain.

If The Blacklist writers, a la  Chekhov’s Gun, introduced this plot point protocol at the beginning of season 7, does this mean they plan to off Red at the end of the series?

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