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5 Things to Know About Castle’s “Reckoning” Episode

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 7 years ago

5 Things to Know About Castle's

When we last checked in on Castle and Beckett, Kate had been snatched from the street by persons unknown, while the main suspects, Jerry Tyson and Dr. Kelly Nieman, quite publicly hung out at the 12th precinct, looking every inch a couple wronged by the police.

Who really snatched Beckett? And for what purpose? The answers, and a lot of mind games, are coming in Castle’s Feb. 16 conclusion “Reckoning.”

We’ve seen the episode a little earlier than most, thanks to our friends at ABC, and have 5 tidbits to share with you below.

If you’re a regular reader of our Castle articles then you’ll know we don’t go for revealing spoilers that would otherwise ruin your enjoyment of the show (We want you to enjoy it as much as we did).

For that reason, you’ll find only teasers, not show stoppers, ahead.

Read on for 5 things to know about Castle’s “Reckoning,” the concluding episode in a two-part story. 

Is Tyson Actually Budro After all?

Last week we were positive Budro was actually Jerry Tyson. In “Reckoning” we will be given pause for thought.

What if Budro is Budro, and Tyson is still at large? It’s a theory put forward by Gates that’s hard to shake, even when Castle puts that theory, rather violently, to the test.

(ABC/Richard Cartwright) MICHAEL MOSELY

(ABC/Richard Cartwright)

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