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5 Things Revealed in Revenge’s ‘Duplicity’

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 11 years ago

5 Things Revealed in Revenge's 'Duplicity'

Are you up to speed on last Wednesday’s episode of Revenge? Duplicity saw Emily bring down the therapist responsible for her unjust juvenile detention. Jack and Emily had an accidental romantic dinner, and Daniel hit the bottle again.  Did you spot all this week’s little nuances, or were you too busy with far more important issues such as trying to decide between Jack and Daniel? (we’re on the fence ourselves!) In case you missed them, here are some details from the episode we thought worthy of a mention.

1. That book!

During Emily’s therapy session with Doctor Banks we see a clear shot of a bookshelf lined with psychology books – and a hidden camera! The camera is sitting atop The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. The book seems a little out of place among the other drier volumes, but as any Revenge fan knows, this particular book is the basis for the show. We thought this was a nice little touch.


An interesting reading choice. Image © ABC


2. The Reason Victoria Separated Amanda From her Father

Victoria and David shared a complicated past. Duplicity revealed that past culminating in an act of betrayal on Victoria’s part. On a stormy night, Victoria, accompanied by Frank, sneaks into David’s summer house and steals his laptop.  When David hears her moving about, she slips the laptop to Frank outside, closes the door and pretends to have come to David with the news that she is leaving her husband Conrad for good.

It is only then that Victoria notices Amanda crouching behind the kitchen counter.  As Victoria looks into Emily’s eyes, she realizes the child has seen everything and must be prevented from telling her father the truth at all costs.


Amanda witnesses Victoria's betrayal. Image © ABC



3. Frank Becomes Crush-Worthy

A bit player until now, there may actually be more to Frank than meets the eye. We know that he has been a loyal go-to guy for the Graysons for many years and that his loyalty to Conrad seems even stronger than his loyalty to Victoria. But is it possible that Frank may actually be working for Emily? Frank was ‘missing all day‘ according to a distraught Victoria in one scene. Could that have been enough time to kidnap Doctor Banks?

Either way, Frank’s quiet, direct and no-nonsense manner, coupled with the way he practically ordered Victoria to phone her husband kind of gave us a bit of a thrill. And we think it might have had the same effect on Victoria.

We’d be perfectly happy to use the ‘I don’t want to be alone in this house tonight‘ line on this guy too.



Frank: Every home should have one. Image © ABC


4. Lydia Looks Poised to Make a Come Back

The first episode of the season saw a disgraced Lydia leaving town with her tail between her legs.  However after a few sharp words in Conrad’s ear (and a hefty sum of money from his bank account) Lydia is sitting pretty in her new pad, her VanGough displayed prominently by the window, perhaps a reminder of the friendship she lost.  However Lydia doesn’t seem the type to it quietly licking her wounds.  With Conrad back on the scene again, the seeds are sown for her ot make a splashy return. Stay tuned!


Lydia is sitting pretty. Image © ABC



5. Emily Expresses Warm Fuzzies For …

This was perhaps the most tantalizing clue of the episode, and the most divisive. Nolan tips Jack off to the Hamptons Exposed website, in which Emily’s private therapy session has been recorded. By the way, have you checked out the site yet? Have a look at

Nolan tells Jack that Emily is talking about him being ‘the one’ but is he right? Could she be referring to Daniel instead? Or is it most likely that Emily’s words are merely part of her scheme?  After all, she was perfectly aware her session would be made public. Emily is not one to put herself out there, so it seems most likely her words were calculated.  But with Nolan’s meddling, where will it all lead?


Jack gets all tingly inside. Image © ABC

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