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5 Things to Know About the Suits Season 3 Premiere “The Arrangement”

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 9 years ago

5 Things to Know About the Suits Season 3 Premiere

Suits fans, are you ready for season three? The show returns tonight Tuesday July 16th on USA with “The Arrangement,” a pivotal first episode which picks up directly after the events of the season two finale. Will Mike and Harvey ever be friends again? Is Jessica making a move against Harvey? What happens now that the firm has merged with Edward Darby’s? We recently watched the season premiere thanks to USA Network, and although we’re not allowed to outright spoil you with specifics that would ruin your enjoyment of the premiere, we can tease some key details on tonight’s “The Arrangement” that we don’t think you’ll find anywhere else.

Edit: We’ve also thrown in a second sneak peek from tonight’s episode. Watch as Donna has a little fun at Louis’ expense, below.


1. What Would Harvey Do?

As 3 season bows, Harvey (Gabriel Macht) is in quite the situation. Stuck with a non-compete he can’t wriggle out of, and a merger he never wanted, Harvey decides to yank his leash in the only way he knows how. (You can check out a five minute sneak peek from tonight”s season three premiere to see him in action.) Does Harvey want Jessica to fire him, or is his new sense of recklessness a cry for attention? Either way, Jessica had better be wary. By the end of this episode sides will be clearly drawn in the sand.


2. Louis Vs Nigel

We can’t decide whether we love Louis (Rick Hoffman) and his British counterpart Nigel Nesbitt (Adam Godley) more as a team or as adversaries. Prepare to see some serious back and forth (of the less pleasant kind) between these two in tonight’s season premiere as the guys fall out over everything from rasin bran bars to pens. However when things take a more serious turn and jobs are on the line Louis is given the opportunity to back down and save face. But can he bring himself to extend an olive branch in the eleventh hour? “The Arrangement” shows what both men are made of.


3. Rachel is a Dirty Girl

What could be worse than an uninvited guest at a late hour? For Rachel (Meghan Markle), nothing apparently! When Mike makes an impromptu stop at her apartment, Rachel is horrified by the state of the place and instructs him not to mention the mess at any cost. We loved this scene for dropping a little insight into Rachel’s hidden A-type personality. However, ‘mess’ aside, Mike (Patrick J. Adams) is more interested in Rachel’s bed, but what will it take to get there?


4. What’s in a Name?

The thorny issue of Harvey aside, Jessica (Gina Torres) may think she’s sitting pretty in the season premiere, especially when Edward Darby shows some gentlemanly spirit by placing his name last on the company logo. Pearson Darby may have a lovely ring to it, but it doesn’t take the ever-shrewd Jessica long to realise that sometimes a name is just a name. Should someone tell Harvey?


5. Apology-Schmology

If you’re wondering if “The Arrangement” will see Mike making a heartfelt apology to Harvey about his decision in the season two finale then you’re in luck. The season premiere will see Mike making a serious attempt to patch things up with his former mentor. “The Arrangement” will also see Harvey deciding to let bygones be bygones, and taking Mike back with open arms … except only one of these scenarios is real, and the other is someone’s nightmare. Literally!

Catch the critically acclaimed Suits tonight at 10/9c on USA Network.

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