SHIELD fans, we’ve got a first sneak peek look at Tuesday’s episode to share with you.

“One Door Closes” will see the fall of SHIELD, according to this clip, but which SHIELD?

Things certainly don’t look good for Coulson, as May, now fully aware of the extent of both Mac and Bobbi’s duplicity, laments that not only do the pair have Fury’s toolbox, but the schematics to their entire base.

However, it looks like Agent Gonzales may not be in any position to take advantage of this tactical point, as his own SHIELD base has come under heavy attack from another source, and that source appears to be HYDRA. Or wait. could this be a flashback to the day that HYDRA made its move against SHIELD, splintering the organization into the two opposing factions at war tonight? (The appearance of Lucy Lawless in recent promo photos makes us suspect so.)

Either way, HYDRA’s touch will continue to cause repercussions in Tuesday’s episode.

Agents of SHIELD’s “One Door Opens” airs Tuesday March 31 on ABC.