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THE 100 Cast Tease What’s the Come in Season Five

By on July 22, 2017

By Pauline Perenack

I think like many fans of The 100, my interest in the show has ebbed and flowed over the years, but this past season’s finale sucked me right back in, and I’m counting down the days to the premiere. As such, I wanted to make sure to make it to The 100 panel, this week at Comic Con, as rumors were flying that it was going to be a good one.

The panel began with a sizzle reel of what’s happened on the show, but it had a twist. It was narrated by Maddy, the young Nightblood we saw Clarke taking care of at the end of the finale. She took us through the whole story of The 100, with scenes playing in the background. It held a dichotomy of the sweetness of Maddy and the sorrow of the events, and it was riveting. Catch it in full, below.

The panel then started with the introduction of the full cast including newly promoted to series regular Tasya Teles, and discussion turned quickly to the new season. First, the prisoner ship. It’s from earth, before the first apocalypse and those on board have been in hyper-sleep for over 100 years. However, on the earth they’re landing on, the only thing left is the garden of eden, which Clarke and Maddy have been living in for the past six years. And it’s definitely not big enough for everyone.

Eliza Taylor then went on to discuss how much she’s enjoying playing a character that’s now much closer to her own age, and being able to explore taking on a parental role by taking care of a young Nightblood.

Bob Morley agreed with enjoying the time jump, and teased that Bellamy has had to grow up a lot over the past six years while in space. The others who were in space with Bellamy have also changed a lot, and it will initially be unclear what happened to them during those six years. They’ll have gotten together, broken up, and gotten back together again. Throughout the new season, audiences will see parts of the missing six years through flashbacks, as executive producer Jason Rothenburg explained that it will be important to see some of the emotional things these characters have gone through which forced them to become who they are today.

The new season will parallel season one with these newcomers arriving on earth, and those parallels will be heavily explored. Additionally, Bellamy will have to help Clarke to realize that things need to be done differently with these new people around.

Additionally, Marie Avgeropolous teased that the audience will see the struggle Octavia has been through these past six years. She’s been thrust into a leadership role, and doesn’t know what she’s doing, but doesn’t want to set off any chaos. As such, she has developed a unique plan to keep the peace and punishes those who defy her.

Finally, young Maddy will be a major character, and her interactions with the main characters will be interesting, as for the past six years, these people have been the heroes in the stories Clarke has been telling her, and they might not be the people she has imagined.

This new season looks to be promising, and the fans in ballroom 20 were impressed with what they saw.



The 100 at Comic Con 2017

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