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3 Television Series that would Make Amazing Slot Machines

By on April 4, 2017

Photo Credit ABC

Back in 2003, one of the most iconic battleships of science fiction TV history returned on the screen in the form of a mini-series. Battlestar Galactica, executive producer/writer Ronald D. Moore’s on-screen epic, was so well received by the public that it transformed into a full-blown series, complete with TV movies, spinoffs, webisodes, developing into one of the most memorable moments of TV history. Battlestar Galactica has also spawned a series of books, comic books, video games, and an insanely successful slot machine, released in 2012, that is still insanely successful among Vegas Palms Casino players, even in the age of live dealer online casino games. The epic storyline of the Vegas Palms slot machine, its visuals, sounds, and cut scenes from the series make it unique. Although the Vegas Palms has quite a few movie-based video slot machines, Battlestar Galactica remains to this day one of its most successful ones.

We have an immense crop of TV series out there, though, and there is a great many of them that would make amazing video slot machines – perfect for those fans that engage in this constantly popular form of entertainment. We’ve hand-picked a few of them below.

Lucifer (2016)

When police procedural meets fantasy, good things are set to happen. And when the protagonist is the most controversial character of the Judeo-Christian religion, we have a winning mix. “Lucifer” is a wonderful mix of humor, excitement, and awe, made perfect by the wonderful accent and piano sessions of lead actor Tom Ellis, playing a character admittedly inspired by the late David Bowie.

The series is as controversial as slot machines: the American Family Association (AFA) has even launched a petition in 2015 to stop it from airing because it would “glorify Satan as a caring, likable person in human flesh”. Fortunately, all the signatures were ignored by Fox, which renewed the series for a third season this year.

Vikings (2013)

“Vikings” is the closest thing we have to a docu-drama about the old Norse ways, based on the Saga of Ragnar Lodbrok. It’s an account of different times, sometimes peaceful, other times brutal, told with as much accuracy as you can expect from an entertaining series with a rather unreliable form of storytelling (a Saga is a form of oral history). Yet its visuals and sounds are amazing, and that’s what is important for a video game, even a slot machine.

Lost (2004)

“Lost” was insanely popular at its time, and has left quite a few questions unanswered to this day. Perhaps some of them could be answered today in a video game, even if it’s as casual as a slot machine. The show had an amazing atmosphere, some pretty big surprises, and quite a few occurrences of great visuals that would make it a perfect choice to be adapted on the smallest of screens.

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