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4 Things The SHADOWHUNTERS Cast Tells Us to Expect in Season 2

By on October 11, 2016

"Shadowhunters" stars Emeraude Toubia as Isabelle Lightwood, Dominic Sherwood as Jace Wayland, Katherine McNamara as Clary Fray and Matthew Daddario as Alec Lightwood. (Freeform/Bob D'Amico)

The fallout of Shadowhunters season one finale saw the core group lose one of their guiding members, Jace (Dominic Sherwood), to their greatest threat: Valentine.

While the group isn’t entirely lost without him, at this year’s New York Comic Con the cast and showrunners made one thing very clear: our Shadowhunters leave no one behind.

In much the same way as season one saw the group (some rather reluctantly) coming together in order to save Clary’s mother, Jocelyn, fans should expect that at least for the first 10 episodes of season two, our warriors will be back at the hunt again. Only this time, they’re going after Jace. His absence will be felt in more ways than one as each of our characters scrambles to find a way to get him back. While Jace is not always the most affable character, there are a lot of people who care about him, and in a way he very much functions as a sort of glue bonding the life–and issues–Clary brings with her after her mother is kidnapped, and the world that existed before her with Alec and Izzy.

The effort to find out why he left and make sure he survives both Valentine and The Clave is sure to keep keep tensions on high both in and outside of the Institute. It’s a unique set of circumstances that could push our characters in new directions while changing the very dynamics of the show.

ScreenSpy had the chance to chat with Shadowhunters’ cast members Kat McNamara, Dominic Sherwood, Matthew Daddario and Emeraude Toubia at this year’s New York Comic Con. During our interviews, we discussed the fallout of the season one finale and how Jace’s decision would change things for those who care about him most.

Parabatai Don’t Take Their Bonds Lightly

 Last season Jace told viewers and Clary just how deep his Parabatai warrior bond with Alec went. That indescribable bond saw them fighting side by side in the pilot and, in Jace’s final moments in the finale, directly telling Alec to let him go with Valentine. That’s not to say they didn’t go through more than enough rough patches. From jealousy, secrets, fist-fighting and rune-weakening, these two went through an emotional wringer that would be enough to break other relationships. But the Parabatai bond isn’t like other relationships, and in the end, both ultimately came back to each other. They are, after all, bonded for life.

So how is Jace doing at the hands of Valentine and without his Parabatai?

“It gets worse for Jace before it gets better,” Sherwood said. “We find him back on the ship, he’s with Valentine and he’s going to take over the world in whatever way he thinks is most appropriate using whichever weapons he thinks will work most efficiently. We don’t know why Jace left. Whether it was to save his friends or to be with his father because he believes that’s where he belongs. But he’s missing Alec endlessly and he has a lot to go through and experience–to learn about himself before he can come back and be a valued member of the shadowhunters.”

And how is Alec dealing with Jace being gone?

“His primary concern is Jace,” Daddario confirmed. “Initially that is what’s driving his personality at the moment. That’s what consumes him. Luckily Magnus is there to help.”

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